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McKinney TX Spray Tan Salon

Welcome to Suddenly Sunless, a McKinney TX spray tan salon that helps you look great and feel even better through an even, gorgeous looking tan. Our method of tanning trumps the old outdated methods, and keeps your skin completely safe from harmful UV rays.

At Suddenly Sunless, we take advantage of Pura tanning machines, the most revolutionary machines currently on the market. No other spray tan salon in McKinney TX can offer such an even, quality tan without these industry-standard machines in their shops.

On top of the machines, we offer custom air brush tanning in McKinney TX, where one of our qualified technicians will manually apply the spray tan solution. This meticulous method helps provide the perfect tan that meets your standards. 

Avoid UV rays at all costs

With all the medical information now available to consumers, it’s pretty obvious that resorting to traditional tanning techniques is a thing of the past.

  • Tanning beds: You won’t find any of these in our McKinney TX spray tan salon. Not only is it uncomfortable laying in your own sweat, but the UV rays given off by this machine can damage skin.
  • Sun bathing: Laying out in the sun for hours is the purist form (and free) form of tanning. However, it can damage your skin and require hours of time wasted. Even after all of that, you have to pray that your tan is even and you don’t suffer from sunburn. You don’t run into any of those problems with our McKinney TX air brush tanning salon.
  • Outdated spray tanning methods: When spray tanning first hit the market, it was an imperfect science. It was complicated, confusing and left your skin with an orange-ish hue and streaks. With our custom air brush tanning in McKinney TX, Suddenly Sunless has corrected all these things, providing the perfect tan every time! 

Customize your tan

Thanks to modern technology and Suddenly Sunless, you can actually customize the shade of your tan. Thanks to our wide selection of colors, you can choose one that compliments your look and style.

Tanning has never been so easy and safe. Suddenly Sunless is the premier McKinney TX spray tan salon. Let us work our magic with you!

Custom Airbrush Tanning

Our trained airbrush technicians will apply a DHA airbrush solution onto your skin. We have 5 different colors that can be mixed to find your perfect custom color. The Unlimited Air Brush Memberships also include the Pura Spray Tan Machine.

Pura Tanning Machines

Pura sessions include the Moisture and Prep solution. The solution is a DHA product which reacts to the proteins in your skin that change color. Book your spray tan appointment today, click the booknow button.

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